About us

We advise and inform, organise first-semester work, stand up for the entire student body of Faculty 3 in committees and plan parties!

We are happy to advise any of you, regardless of semester. If you come to us with a problem or a question, we try to find a solution to your problem with you, or at least put you in touch with the right people to help you get on.
So if you have any questions about your studies, whether in general about the course of your studies, changing subjects or anything else, we’ll be happy to help. Feel free to use our contact form or check the FAQs first to see if your question has already been answered earlier!

In order to be able to address more students in important matters, we organise various information events on studying. These serve, for example, to inform you about the Bachelor’s programme at the beginning of your studies or to pass on information for the choice of your specialisation in the Bachelor’s or Master’s programme.

To give you a good start to your studies as first-year students, we organise an orientation week every year and provide you with the most important information for the beginning. During the so-called “O-Week”, we give you an information booklet that contains everything you need to know about the content and process of your studies in the first semesters. In addition, we will introduce you to Aachen and the civil engineering building, the “Bau”, during the first week. For this purpose, we organise the “Ersti-Rallye” across Aachen and the (B)exhibition, where the chairs you are studying at introduce themselves. In order to get to know each other and us better, we go on a first-year weekend later in the semester with those who want to.

In addition to advising and informing students and pupils, the student council is the link between the chairs, professors and students. We represent the interests of us as students in all committees, boards and the faculty council. This enables us, for example, to advocate for your applications in the examination committees or to help decide on the use of tuition fee replacement funds.

To ensure that you always have an overview of everything that happens and is decided during the semester, there is a student council meeting every semester to which all students are invited and at which our officers, treasurers and auditors are elected by all students. We also inform you about important decisions that have been made during the semester. If you are interested in finding out more, or if you would like to have a say or work with us, you are more than welcome to come along to the meeting.

Of course, fun should not be neglected either. That’s why we always organise two major parties each semester. The “BauStrom” and the “Schau am Bau” are very popular and are almost as much a part of Aachen as the cathedral and the Printen. Our “Team Party”, as a part of the student council, mainly takes care of these events. In addition, the student council supports the organisation of the Academic Celebration every year.

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