Plenary Assembly

Once a semester (usually at the beginning of May/November) our general assembly takes place in the morning. There should be no lectures during this event so that it is possible for all students to attend!


At the beginning of the event, we will introduce the student council and our work in the past semester and the coming semester. Afterwards, you will get an overview of the past semester in general, such as the current enrolment figures and the duration of studies for the individual degree programmes at our faculty.

Another important point is the election of new members for our departments. You can read about which departments we have and what we do there below (see currently elected representatives). By the way, every student can stand for election – you don’t have to be a member of the student council! After the election, however, it would be practical if you regularly attended meetings and worked closely with the student council. Finally, we’ll give you an insight into the student council’s finances – what we’ve spent money on and how much. On top of that, representatives of the Dean’s Office and the Dean of Studies are usually also present.
You can use this opportunity to ask questions or praise/criticise your study experience. Feedback on our work is welcome!

Afterwards there will be a buffet with sandwiches.

We look forward to seeing you!

Currently elected speakers

Yana Aschenbrenner

Public relations
"I have been the public relations officer since winter semester 22/23 and I take care of informing you as best as possible. However, I don't do this alone; I have the support of five other student representatives! You are very welcome here - especially if you have lots of creative ideas!

Maxi Sieweke

"I have been the EDP (electronic data processing) officer since October 2022. I take care of most of the technical stuff, which means I make sure that the PCs don't burn down, think about where you can free up 1-2 MB on the hard drive, give out the passwords if necessary, and much more. As a fun fact about me: I'm probably the RWTH student with the longest name, because I have a total of seven second names."

Paul Roggertz


Paula Effgen


Jakob Drath


Markus Schins

"As first-semester advisors, we take care of everything to do with the Erstiwoche and other events for first-year students. From catering to premises to games, a lot has to be coordinated so that the new students have a great start at RWTH. In our free time we like to go bouldering."

Malte Käsemann

Team Party
"I have been looking after the finances of the student council together with dear Paul since November 2021. This means that we look for money, find it and spend it. Ideally, we find more than we spend. I really like cooking with garlic."

Sina Mähringer

Team Party
"I have been one of the two event officers since November 2022. My job is to lead the planning team together with Christian and to take responsibility at events. Besides the student council work, I really enjoy doing sports and play volleyball on my team for a living."
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