In addition to the general learning room list of the RWTH, Faculty 3 offers its own learning rooms for its students. These include the T3 Pavilion and two lecture halls in the Civil Engineering Building (Lecture Hall 414 and 511). You can find more information about the learning rooms in the civil engineering building here.

If you are conditionally registered for the examination, this means that you have to complete an admission performance in the course during the semester. This could be homework, presentations or similar. Once you have completed this work, it will be saved internally for at least two semesters – but to be on the safe side, talk to the respective chair again if you do not want to take the exam in the same semester. After the registration for the exam has expired, an internal check is made to see if there is an entry – this happens automatically, you don’t have to do anything. After that, you are officially registered.

Many professorships now make old exams available on Moodle for exam preparation. However, if you don’t have a reference point for some subjects, you can try your luck on Studydrive.

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